1. teddy05p

    Parallel RLC circuit issue

    I have been struggling with this issue: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/647796/why-doesnt-the-voltage-at-the-resonance-frequency-go-above-the-input-frequency Does anyone have an idea why that is the case
  2. K

    Inductance q simulation in ltspice

    I am not sure if I simulated correctly the Q = 84 for 1.575 GHz in LTspice for Coilcraft inductance 0402DC 8.2 nF Model libraries for LTspice are here (lower right corner). The next question is if it is possible to replace the trace expression to plot by function i.e. to define the expression...
  3. JDuffy93

    Automatic adjustment of resistance

    Hi I have a design requirement and are having an issue of designing a method to achieve it I have resistive elements that change with temperature and generally start with slightly different resistances in any case, what i need to achieve is a way to balance the resistances or a method to...
  4. C

    How do PKE keyless remotes work (inductive data transmission) and how would I "hack" one to make a transceiver?

    I'm wanting an undersea short-range remote (wireless button for dive thrusters) and induction seems perfect, so I bought a passive keyless car alarm to see how they work. I do understand that the car transmits an inductive signal, which the remote picks up (and then the remote does it's own...
  5. A

    transformer core explanation required

    hello everyone, this is a stupid question but if anyone can answer this, i'd be so grateful. the question is about the transformer core. take a simple EI laminated silicone steel core for example. we know primary winding magnetises and secondary demagnetises. and at a some point an equilibrium...
  6. M

    Inductance of distributed air gapped core

    Hey, I have got two sets of E70/33/32 core of N87 material, one set with centered airgap of 8mm and another set is un-gapped core. I measured the inductance for N number of turns with centered gapped core and also I measured the inductance with 4mm airgap in the each leg (which gives effective...
  7. M

    Tapping inductors

    Hello guys, I really need your help on this. I am designing an Inductor which is rated for 50A and 350 Vrms for 85Khz. I want to get 3 inductance value from one inductor so i decided to tap between the points or to use switch to get the required inductance. I just want to know if my...
  8. S

    Capacitance and Inductance of twisted pair cable

    In one of the article of "All About Circuits" about capacitance and inductance of twisted pair cable i found a set of formulae for computing capacitance and inductance of twisted pair cable based on diameter , spacing and dielectric constant as seen in the snapshot.. Can anybody give me the...
  9. H

    finding the number of turns for my inductance.

    Hey guys, so i've calculated that I need an inductance of 0.150mH for my inductor. However, I'm trying to figure out the number of turns I need for it. # I've got an answer of 24 turns but this doesn't feel right to me. Could someone double check my calculations? below is the datasheet for the...