1. V

    facing dificulty for choosing the ic pinouts.

    hello guys, I think I might be asking a very basic question but by seeing the SMD Ic which I have got are having a dual notch and I am a bit confused with choosing it. can someone suggest to me the proper side of the notch? and which pin is to be considered as the 1 or Start? presently I am...
  2. E

    IC manufacturer, functionality and identification of components

    I am looking for the manufacturer, functionality and identification of components of the attached IC. The marking on the partly damaged package reads (? = unreadable): A ???? MQ946022 2005? (probably a D) The marking on the IC reads: AMC0 23C_10 Any information would be much appreciated.
  3. Younes Thabet

    How to identify a microcontroller with unclear part number!?

    Hello All, I have been looking to identify a microcontroller that has two series of numbers (2 lines) and no manufacturer's logo, I know that one of this serial numbers dictates manufacturer's info and the other one is part number but I have searched both numbers on the internet with no luck...