1. Detective_Conan

    What is a typical usage/function of this bjt transistor pair configuration with one's base and collector connected?

    I have been doing a school project in which I need to figure out the working principle of an existing BJT circuit, and then design a corresponding CMOS circuit of the same function and similar performance. Sort of like converting BJT technology circuits to CMOS circuits. In this picture there's...
  2. K

    Multislot SD card reader

    Hi, I have a product idea and wanted to know if its possible to build a SD card reader with 5-10 slots?
  3. R

    gds file conversion from RTL

    I want to convert ISCAS benchmark's (for example c17 , c432) Verilog files to gds files (gate level to gds conversion). Also, I have to use the open-source standard cells NANGATE45. Is there any open source tool for gate-level to gds converter which can be done with NANGATE45?
  4. R

    Techniques for aging of transistors

    Is there any equipment or ways by which we can do the 'Aging' of some selected transistors in an IC ? The purpose is to see the 'Aging' effect on the IC if we apply aging to some selected transistors in a design. Any kind of source (paper/documents) or link to apply this kind of technique...