high current

  1. D

    MOSFET or RELAY for High Current DC Switching

    I'm working on a remote start system for an older gm diesel vehicle and so far everything has worked great, but I've hit a stump that I just cant figure out. The engineers who designed the ignition switch of my truck though it would be a good idea to run starter solenoid power though the...
  2. ashokraj

    when to keep solder mask open ?

    Hi, Usually most of the PCBs have solder masks but recently i have seen a PCB with only few tracks(high voltage/current) with solder mask open. when do I have to keep the solder mask open for traces?
  3. F

    How much current can a tin solder track handle?

    I'm working on a DIY project where I need to control some 9V solenoid valves with an arduino. I don't have the tools to make a PCB myself, so i choosed to work on perfboards. Now, I have to connect power supply (MeanWell ) to the step down regulator (Polou D36V50F9) that powers the solenoid...
  4. smooth_jamie

    Why is high current used to measure increasingly low resistances?

    Hi All, For my work it is becoming more common for me to measure lower, and lower resistances. Megger has a really good manual on how to measure down to micro-ohms (for example to determine the quality of bus bar joints etc). I have found the 4-wire measurement to be very repeatable, and useful...