1. S

    Bluetooth module to act as HID device for mobile phones

    I'm developing a small device to send keyboard keys (char/letters) to iPhone and Android devices I am receiving ASCII data on a serial port of uC, I want to send it to iPhone/Android through a Bluetooth module. I'm looking for some very cheap solution from aliexpress.
  2. M

    Read data from USB devices

    Hello, I have received a infrared multi-touch frame (Nexio HID Multi-Touch ATI0320-10) where my boss asked me to check if I can make a program that count the number of times I interact with the frame (everytime an object enters the grid). I need to display the amount of times I interacted with...
  3. T

    My HID doesn't output the correct values - STM32

    I'm making a force feedback wheel with an STM32F103. So I had to learn about HID. I made a very simple descriptor, to begin with. I'm supposed to see the buttons count in binary in the controller visualizer but they're random. Comparing the received value in USBlyser, when it's 0xA9, buttons 1...
  4. kowshik1729

    HID Mouse Emulation

    I want the esp32 to emulate a hid compatible USB mouse on windows. can I somehow use CP2102 USB UART and ESP32 Wroom SoC to make this possible? Please give some suggestions. Thanks