1. S

    H bridge voltage amplitude problem

    Hello to all members, this is my first post on this forum; I'm working on a H bridge setup to drive the primary coil of a transformer. My setup, 2 signal generators, one putting out a normal and inverted square wave for IN A and IN B inputs and the other a normal square ware for PWM input of a...
  2. G

    H bridge problems using IR2110

    Hello, I designed attached circuit to drive H Bridge. My generated input signals are in attached picture, duty cyce that I am using is 40% for each signal, 99 kHz frequency. As result I am getting really bad shape of signal on R9 resistor. I am no getting steep signal when I turning H bridge...
  3. rodolfoviolac

    H bridge l298n in Parallel Burning Out After Some Time

    Hi Guys, I have a college project where I need to controll a motor (27V / 3 A), I used a H Bridge l298n in parallel to support the current, It worked for while and then stop but I don't know what was wrong. Does any body know anthing that could help me? The motor is a Maxon 118752 precision...