1. meowsoft

    Please review my earthing system for small data center

    *Wire Size Common Ground Terminal -> Ground 1 (10mm2) Common Ground Terminal -> Ground 2 (16mm2) 10mm and 16mm is clamped together at some point Lightning Terminal -> Ground 3 (50mm2) Lightning Terminal -> Lightning Arrester/Rods (50mm2) Ground 3 -> Ground 2 (10mm2), for prevent equipotential...
  2. ajitnayak

    RS485 communication issue

    I have Setup like this for my application. I have Transformer which gives out 12V 1A & 5V 500mA output.I have used isolated ADM2483 design where power galvanized isolated. Primary side 5v &gnd taken from 7805 regulator where 12v input comes from transformer. same ground used by MCU/ADM2483 side...
  3. Rahulk70

    A potential earth leakage or is it something else?

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing fine. I have been facing an electrical issue in my house since last Christmas. When the lights or any appliance with motor in any room are turned off/on the TV would go out and come back ON in a short span (as if the power went out and came back in a...