Equivalent MOSFET

    Hi, any idea of equivalent MOSFET, Transistor and IC given below. 1. 2SD1761EF 2. 2SB1187EF Transistors 3. 2SC3402 4. 2SD1387 and IC 5. M5230L These are the damaged components of my Sony Cassette Deck, model STR H100. And what is the symbol of the this ? (image2)
  2. sukhoi191

    Triac equivalent (131-8D) in a coffee machine

    I bought a damaged Lavazza coffee machine. After quick analysis I've found something in TO-92 case, which apparently exploded for unknown reason. It's literally in pieces, but I was able to find that the last letters describing the model were "8D" at the top and "30" at the bottom (see...