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    Problem while flashing PIC Controller with PICKIT3

    i am facing problem while programming PIC16F18875 using pickit3. I am using mplab x on windows 10. I bought new chip and and from first i am getting problem. currently i am giving power from pickit3 which is approx, 4.5V. I checked the connection for MCLR, VDD, VSS, PGD and PGC pin. I have...
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    Hi everyone, I am a final year student who is making a dissertation on Field-Oriented Control (FOC) with a BLDC motor. I am having the issue that with the virus outbreak I have had to modify a lot how to carry out my dissertation. As a result, I do not know what to write about anymore. I would...
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    Which Hardware Emulator and Development IDE/Editor is best for Embedded Development

    I am new to the embedded development area and doing self-study in this area (I am already from Computer Science background) but I have few doubts and need guidance on the development and testing tools used in this area. Q1. What is the difference between :- openOCD, pyOCD, Segger J-Link...