1. Bogdan_Ionut

    How to I know if an electronic component works with AC?

    I need to know if LM2596T-3.3 voltage regulator works with AC electricity. Datasheets doesn't specify the type of current.
  2. M

    Lithium battery (Operating temperatur range)

    Hi; Is it possible for a lithium battery, whether Li-ion or Lipo, to resiste a temperature of 90 up to 100 ° C in a period that does not exceed 3 minutes? knowing that its working temperature range indicated in its datasheet is 60 ° C. thank you for any information given
  3. M

    What is the best book to start learning about electronics?

    I'm 15 and want to start learning electronics but I don't know what the best book is for beginners. I have read suggestions on other sites and there are 2 books that keep coming up. "The Art of Electronics" and "Practical Electronics for Inventors". What would be the best out of these two? Or if...
  4. Kadav

    Heating a petri dish for samples

    Hello i have to heat a petri dish for some appliances using arduino and temperature sensor using PID , and i would love to know which recomandations of heater and Temperature sensor you can give me Please ps: the dish is for small samples . thanks