1. S

    Single phase induction motor Torque under increased frequency and Same/Constant current.

    Consider Single phase induction motor. What will be torque of induction motor, if we increase supply frequency 10 times, if the motor uses same supply current. Let's say Torque (Supply frequency 50 Hz, Supply current 10 Amperes ) = N What is Torque (Supply frequency 500 Hz, Supply current 10...
  2. Bogdan_Ionut

    How to I know if an electronic component works with AC?

    I need to know if LM2596T-3.3 voltage regulator works with AC electricity. Datasheets doesn't specify the type of current.
  3. M

    Lithium battery (Operating temperatur range)

    Hi; Is it possible for a lithium battery, whether Li-ion or Lipo, to resiste a temperature of 90 up to 100 ° C in a period that does not exceed 3 minutes? knowing that its working temperature range indicated in its datasheet is 60 ° C. thank you for any information given
  4. M

    What is the best book to start learning about electronics?

    I'm 15 and want to start learning electronics but I don't know what the best book is for beginners. I have read suggestions on other sites and there are 2 books that keep coming up. "The Art of Electronics" and "Practical Electronics for Inventors". What would be the best out of these two? Or if...
  5. Kadav

    Heating a petri dish for samples

    Hello i have to heat a petri dish for some appliances using arduino and temperature sensor using PID , and i would love to know which recomandations of heater and Temperature sensor you can give me Please ps: the dish is for small samples . thanks