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    PC Stereo Mic in TRS circuits

    Does any have any circuits of what is sometimes a stereo mic input on a PC that I presume is L/R/Gnd on the 3.5mm jack that you. Also on some recorders you get a similar arrangement with '3v phantom power' mics. I presume the bias resistor and dc decoupling capacitor are not mic side but pc...
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    Electret microphone to speaker circuit

    Below is the circuit I created. I'm trying to to get the electret microphone to amplify through the PAM8403 amplifier into the 4Ohm 3Watt speaker. The PAM8403 has an operating value of 2.5V-5V, claims to work with speakers from 4-8Ohms, and speaker power from 2W-8W. Did I get connect something...