dual supply

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    Dual supply H-Bridge driver using transistors wouldn't work

    I'm trying to make a biphasic functional electrical stimulator using the circuits in this paper. But I modified it by using MPSA BJT transistors instead of MOSFET. I'm in the middle of developing a Multisim simulation for it. The boost converter worked fine and could climb up/down to around +-40...
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    Tips for bipolar power supply

    Hello, I need to design a linear regulated supply to power an dac output stage based on op amp. It must be a negative + ground + positive one. The problem I encounter is that I don't know wich topology to select between the first and second arrangement. I suppose that the first one induce a...
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    Dual supply from single 0v-24v input with zeners

    I see some circuit exemples using oscilators (555 and 74HC14), and some others using isolated supplies or the ICL7660 IC. But all of them have the same problem, current. After some search on youtube, i come to THIS VIDEO , where Wagner uses this circuit: Using the simulations, it works...