1. NAND4011

    Potentiometer circuit to DC-Dimmer circuit: 3 wire to 4 wire connection?

    Looking for a plausible solution to the following problem: Background: 1. Currently - simple potentiometer (linear, 100k Ohm) control that controls an AC motor 2. Motor has a dedicated DC control circuit embedded with the following possible control connection points a). "Low Voltage +10V...
  2. IvarsOzolsDB

    300W AC light dimmer mod to 500W

    Bought Stairville PAR56 Active 300W and got a bit dissapointed in light output. So I got wondering maybe there is some mod I could do to put 500W 230V PAR56 bulb in it (originally 300W 230V PAR56) and not fry dimmer circuits. I traced schematic (look in attachments) in high voltage part, as it...
  3. A

    Input supply jerk of triac when power turned on

    Hi, I implemented the circuit from this video. After implementing, I realized a mistake, whenever the main supply switch turns on, there is an initial jerk (also visible in the video, the link starts video video from that point of issue) then triac operates as per gate voltage level on gate. Is...