digital multimeter

  1. Gandyc

    Help reading multimeter

    Can someone help me figure out what the meter is reading in this photo? I've got the meter inline with the negative terminal on my car battery, trying to see what the car is drawing while turned off (having battery problems.) This meter is confusing to me for some reason... Thanks!!!
  2. Rahulk70

    Can a regular multimeter measure voltages in 400hz range?

    Hi, I’m building a test bench for some aircraft instruments and I was testing a Bendix 1964771-3 inverter(24 VDC) brought from eBay. The inverter should have outputs of 129VAC @ 370Hz @ 12VAC/18VAC @ 1110 Hz. The inverter was marked as untested but removed working from an aircraft I was told...
  3. T

    Fluke 75 counts and counts and counts when measuring low ohms

    I was given a Fluke 75 Series II recently. It works fine when measuring voltage, and I haven't tried measuring current. When measuring resistances below about 100 ohms, I see it counting down slower and slower. For really low resistances (in the single digits) it can take a couple of minutes to...
  4. N

    How to check if the power charger cable of a Samsung tablet is working?

    Hello I would like to check if the charger cable of my Samsung Tablet 10.1 is working at all. How do I check with a multimeter if the charger cable allows electricity to reach the circuits of my tablet? Where do I have to place the leads of the multimeter? Below is a picture of the inside...
  5. cyrilseban098

    My digital multimeter starts fluctuating while I bring it near to my started bike

    My digital multimeter starts fluctuating while I bring it near to my started bike even if the probes are not connected to any where .I can't read any value during that time.Therefore I cannot check my bike electrical circuit.My multimeter shows correct values when I connect to home ac supply...
  6. E

    wellhise wh-890d multimeter problem

    Hello i have a wellhise wh-890d multimeter. Yesterday i was trying to charge a motorbike 12v battery i unplugged the charger to check voltage then i checked the amp it is taking then i forgot the probe was in the amp hole (left 20A hole on the photo) then i put the meter on voltage mode and i...
  7. B

    Is this switch fit for my board?

    Hi all, The push button switch of my multimeter broke down. I threw the switch out. During the holidays I got intrigued and would like to fix it. This is the schematic of the switch I bought: or a direct link...
  8. Tejasvi471

    Multimeter Voltage measurement

    Hello there, I have purchased an auto ranging DMM, When i switch it to measure DC voltage and its measuring leads are not connected to any circuit (i.e. they are in open air) it starts to show voltages starting from 0 mV which increase up to 400 mV and again resets to 0 mV. Is it normal...
  9. L

    cheap digital multimeter but it seems unreliable

    I bought a cheap digital multimeter but it seems unreliable. However, I do not have another one to compare with. To start with, I connect a fixed value resistor to it and the reading range is at 200k ohm. As the reading goes up and down, see if you can figure out what is the value of this...