digital logic

  1. B

    Need help with my project, a combination lock in proteus

    So im trying to make a combinational lock in proteus. One of the issue i've come across is one of my button which is labelled "reset" output high even if its not press but when I connect a logic probe to the line, the cable becomes normal. The second issue is there is a sequence detector that...
  2. K

    Z80 address decoder

    My friend would like to make an address decoder for Z80 see the truth table: Blue is "0" and red is "1". How to make the HW logic ?
  3. anastasiosz

    Logic Design

    Hello everyone! I am a post-graduate student of department of electrical and electronics engineering. I face difficulties on understanding logic design and furthermore, because I don't have some basic knowledge of this, I face difficulties on Computer's Structure too. How can I learn Logic...
  4. BeginnerLevel1

    Solving boolean expression using annihilation rule

    Suppose I have a function described as: AB+(1+AB+CK+G) Can I asssume that the expression I have inside the brackets is equal to 1? annihilation rule:0x=0,1+x=1 I need to reduce the function in order to have a minimum of logic gates.
  5. I

    Deriving Product of Sum from circuit (decoder + AND gate)

    This is a question that I'm supposed to complete. But I'm not sure if I'm on the right track. Can someone tell me if this is the right approach? I've been struggling with this module, and would appreciate some tips on going in the right direction. Here's my answer, which I'm quite certain is...