dielectric constant

  1. D

    Dielectric test

    Hi all I need a clarification that i have designed a PCB board which has 4 layers, and no components has only holes with supply and ground. My board has failed in dielectric test. 1) How much time i can test my board for dielectric test.(1,2,times..infinity??) 2) my conductors are so close...
  2. sundeepgoel72

    Measuring DiElectric constant of organic varnish using parallel plate capacitor

    Hi, am facing a strange issue. In brief, the objective is to measure di-electric constant of a varnish film (approx 30micron) applied to a copper plate. To achieve this, i have made a capacitance meter (using a CC Bridge method) where the electrodes are two brass plates of 11cm diameter, between...
  3. C

    The best dimensions for a cylindrical resonant cavity working at 4GHz

    In this semester I have to design and make a cylindrical resonant cavity working at 4GHz to determine the dielectric constant of a small ball which would be positioned into the cavity. This resonant will be connected to a network analyzer. What dimension should I design and which modes should I use?