1. voidSurfr

    Design: Simplicity vs. Complexity

    Hey all, this is an oddity of a request. First, I'm not an electrical engineer; next, I wouldn't know a good circuit if it gave me a lap dance, so...I'm asking the community for help. I'm writing a blog and would like to include some circuit diagrams; it seems like they would be perfect for...
  2. achen

    Generate the eye diagram based on specific time frame rather than all transient time

    I use ADS to generate eye diagram. How do I specify that I only want to generate the eye diagram at specific time frame. For example what if I want the diagram from 50~100 nsec ? Below the eye diagram is the default generated from equation based on the transient simulation time from 0~200 nsec.
  3. Gallant74

    Circuit diagram, DIY keezer build

    Can someone help me build a circuit that is connected to a 115vac 60hz fridge compressor that runs ITC-1000f temp controller, i want to power a circuit properly with out killing the equipment I am willing to purchase any Amazon part! I have LM338t voltage regulators, I am inclined to install but...
  4. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    Bode plot or Bode Diagram

    Hello I am having difficulty understanding the Bode diagram, which I have understood so far: that depending on the angle of the phase, where the system becomes unstable or stable. I just don't know what the practical applications are when using this system in a closed loop. I mean a practical...