1. Younes Thabet

    How to desolder a 100 pin connector?

    Hello all, I have the connector in below images that I need to remove from this board to use it in a different board. I tried using a soldering iron with desoldering pump but it doesn't suck the melted solder because of the small size of holes..! The board is an old board and the...
  2. T

    need to solder and resolder atleast 40 times on smd pads?

    Short version i have 20 IC's i need to remove from there current pcbs and solder them onto a programming board and solder them back onto there pcb they came from, would you think the smd pads on the programming board would last or should i be concerned about damage to the programming board pads...
  3. fr0ntsight

    What is this? I can't even get the solder to melt.

    I'm simply trying to learn and practice soldering and desoldering. I have an old board i am working on and can't for the life of me get ANY of the components off. I can't even get the solder to melt. Do they use something other than solder during manufacturing? Here is a picture. I have...