dc power supply

  1. R

    3 wired PC charger as DC power supply

    I got a 3 wired HP charger that i want to make into a power supply. The wire colors of the charger is blue, black and white. How do i approach it? How do i deal with the third wire?
  2. Stephenmunt

    DC power supply

    Hi. I have a 12v 8kw diesel heater. I'd like to conect a mains power supply. My question is what amp unit would be suitable. The heater is fitted with a 20amp fuse. Would a mains 240v to 12 DC 20amp be OK or I've see alot of youtube videos of people using the 30amp power supply rather than a...
  3. K

    DC/DC Converter VS AC/DC Converter

    If you are using several different DC voltages inside a unit, (say 5v, 12v, 48v) ignoring efficiency, would it be better to use separate AC/DC power supplies for each voltage or use 1 AC/DC power supply for the highest DC voltage and step down the voltage with DC/DC converters from there?
  4. K

    How to add split-rail outputs to a bench supply that didn't come with them

    Hi Guys, I have a Gophert NPS-1601 variable bench DC power supply and a number of single voltage supplies. They all work well but lack split-rail capability. I have a project coming up that will require plus and minus supply rails so would like to add a minus output post to the Gophert...