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    Accelerometer signal conditioning (ADC reading)

    Hello, I found a 3-axial accelerometer with +/-500g that has a +/-1.25V range. The bias voltage (0g) is at half of the reference given (It does not give negative voltage). If I'm supplying it with 3.3V, the bias voltage will be at 1.65V, so the range will be nominally 0.4V to 2.9V. I am to...
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    Remove DC bias from a square wave

    I have a square wave output from a hall effect sensor that is DC-shifted by about 4V. If I understand the image below correctly, the output of the hall sensor is a square wave between 4V and 7.5V, and that the output is DC-shifted by 4V. Is this interpretation correct? If yes, how do I remove...