current mirror

  1. L

    Biasing Mosfet Current Mirror Load with finite VA

    Hi, I'm currently struggling to solve the biasing of this circuit without ORCAD (so as an exercise). The parameters given are referred to all thre PMOS. A previous polarization with LAMBDA=0 gives Vout=1.25V. I'll call the Early resistance r0 . I've had no problems biasing the mosfet M3...
  2. Prasanna K Routray

    Differential CBCM circuit with a voltage output and current-voltage mirrors

    I found this circuit below from a research paper and been trying to simulate it without success. The circuit is about measuring capacitance values of the Femto range. Please give your suggestion so that I will be able to measure the capacitance of a very small value.
  3. K

    Understanding power protection circuit in Raspberry Pi

    The attached schematic is taken from the Raspberry Pi drawing. I am trying to understand how it works and I am pretty much stuck with it. I guess the purpose of the resettable PTC fuse and the TVS diode is clear, being as overvoltage protection. It looks quite obvious that the transistors are...