current amplifier

  1. Bakr.Abdelgaliel

    Current buffer SMD IC

    I need an SMD current buffer (low Zin<=100ohm, high Zout>=1Meg) to drive a 100Kohm electrode supplied by a very low output impedance current DAC(this DAC i cannot access and redesign). Unfortunately, I couldn't find any in the market. Does anyone have experience with any current buffer IC to...
  2. S

    High side Current Sensing with opamps

    , I am trying to make overcurrent protection circuit using opamps with shunt resistor. But when I increase my main voltage my current must directly increase and comparator opamp compare the input voltage and Vref voltage if Vin greater than Vref than my mosfet must be triggered and close the...
  3. MrsssSu

    Switch on npn transistor not working (Simple circuit)

    I recently bought KSP 2N2222a npn transistors. The picture that I attach below shows the layout. The base of the transistor is applied a 1.5V which turns on the transistors and light up the bulb very brightly. However, I got a bulb that is so dim. The battery power and voltage is fine because I...
  4. E

    DC current sense using Opamp

    I want to measure a current consumption for DC fan. I am using OPA2197 opamp for the same. Following is the circuit diagram. i want to understand if this circuit missing anything?
  5. ashokraj

    connecting a motor directly with solar cell. Motor not working.

    Hi, I want to rotate the motor directly with solar. My aim is to change the speed of motor depending on amount of light on the solar. I do not wish to use any other power supply. I want the motor to rotate solely with Solar only. this is a very small project for high school students. What I...