current amplifier

  1. MrsssSu

    Switch on npn transistor not working (Simple circuit)

    I recently bought KSP 2N2222a npn transistors. The picture that I attach below shows the layout. The base of the transistor is applied a 1.5V which turns on the transistors and light up the bulb very brightly. However, I got a bulb that is so dim. The battery power and voltage is fine because I...
  2. E

    DC current sense using Opamp

    I want to measure a current consumption for DC fan. I am using OPA2197 opamp for the same. Following is the circuit diagram. i want to understand if this circuit missing anything?
  3. ashokraj

    connecting a motor directly with solar cell. Motor not working.

    Hi, I want to rotate the motor directly with solar. My aim is to change the speed of motor depending on amount of light on the solar. I do not wish to use any other power supply. I want the motor to rotate solely with Solar only. this is a very small project for high school students. What I...