1. WakelessFoil

    CNC Control Display Poor Image

    I work in a Machine shop and we have a very old CNC mill from 1983 with a Fanuc 3M control. It has a CRT display that has some messed up geometry and picture. I’ve worked with CRTs of this type and tried adjusting all the pots inside to see if the image would correct. It didn’t. Any ideas on...
  2. vol.2

    Building and RGB input Circuit. Choosing between input options on Mux chip.

    Working on an old Toshiba TV with a composite input that I recently brought back from the dead (had to replace the vertical output IC). I have a lot of older video equipment that has RGB outputs like microcomputers, etc, and I want to use this CRT to receive signal from those sources via RGB...
  3. nickhess

    Adapting an old CRT Viewfinder ( 9.3 V DC / 2.7W )

    Quarantine project: Adapting a Sony BFV-20W viewfinder Scroll down to skip the background info As a cinematographer, I've always really felt most comfortable shooting with a viewfinder. However modern electronic viewfinders all exist in the "prohibitively expensive" class of filmmaking...