1. EventHorizon1003

    Active Coupling

    May I ask how do we coupling the two identical resonant circuits by using transistor?
  2. B

    AC Coupling Arduino PWM Output Over varying Frequencies

    The load on the output is 100ohms. The frequency will vary through the full range of the arduino. My simetrix simulations shows it should work using a 100uF capacitor biased by a 1Mega ohm resistor, but in theory it doesnt. If someone knows the values of the components to use or another method...
  3. B

    Need help AC coupling push pull amplifier with op amp

    I have an AC input of 0-5V that i need to go from -2.5 to 2.5V. this will then go through an op amp and then trough a push pull amplifier configuration. I just cant seem to find a value for the capacitor that will work, so if someone could explain where im going wrong that would be greatly...
  4. S

    CDN distorting the wave form too much

    Hi! I've built a CDN (Coupling/decoupling network) and when connecting it to a Surge generator the wave form gets a little distorted, the fall time becomes half of what the Surge pulse produces. I'm new to designing circuits and am not really sure what components to tweak and how. The image...