1. levi_ackerman

    Search for UART sensors

    I’m developing a Modbus RTU architecture. The master of this architecture is my Beagebone Black , which I want to connect via RS-485 serial communication to my sensors. Since I’m using RS-485 converters (RS-485 Converter) which need a UART input as far as I understand, I was looking for sensors...
  2. B

    LLC converter working above resonance

    Hello I am designing LLC Half-Bridge converter. Pout = 500W Out= 12V Vin=390V Fr = 80kHz Lr = 30 uH, Cr = 120nF , Lp = 190uH The converter is working always above resonant frequency. The oscillographs you see are measured in 200W Pout. As you can see the green channel is Lr current, red channel...
  3. colofofong

    For Sale USB converter for an Apple Newton keyboard

    Turn your Newton keyboard to USB with Apple Newton Keyboard to USB Converter Adapter! Works with major OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  4. kenobe98

    mV to mA AC-DC converter

    Hello. I am required to find the solution for the circuit or if anyone can suggest some converter name for this purpose: From current sensor I recieve AC voltage signal with 0-225 mV range, and on the output it is required to have mA range DC signal. Best regards, and thanks for the help.
  5. A

    I want to combine isochronic waves from my phone output with strobing light and electrical pulses like a TENS, it is possible?

    I've been studying brain waves for a while and I want to do a project like this for educational purposes, manufactured TENS devices do not have an "audio input" they are programmed with an operating pattern, it would be necessary a circuit that "receives" the analog signal from the output sound...
  6. K

    Linear voltage converter (kinda)

    Good evening, I’m not an expert in electronic design by any means so please excuse any lack of understanding. I’m working on a current project where I need basically a linear voltage “adapter” I have an analog voltage DC signal of -10v to 10v and I need to somehow convert that to be between...
  7. D

    Defining DFLOP output

    Hello, I would like to know how do I configure the DFLOP with + -15 V or whatever other voltage. I tried several things but it still has + -1V.
  8. A

    Sycnhronous converter design in Ltspice

    Dear all, I am trying to simulate my synchronous buck converter and I managed to implement complementary signals to driver two different transistor. The issue is as follows: 1- I inserted dead-time (green circle) but the problem is that at the start of the period two signals overlap...
  9. flipper2222222

    IR infra red frequency convertor

    hi everyone, not sure if this is even possible, maybe someone knows of a way. I have a IR blaster that sends at 38kHz and a device that has a 37kHz infra red system. is there a IR convertor \ relay that can make the receiving device (cable set top box) accept the commands of the sending...
  10. V

    running a 3 phase fryer from a 1 phase supply

    Asking for some advice as I can't seem to find anything. I have been asked if there's any way to run a 3 phase fryer from a single-phase supply. I've attached some images below. any idea for rewiring would be appreciated I looked at a variable frequency drive but to my understanding, it...
  11. Y

    Powering 10 servos from a single Li-Po

    I could use some perspective on a circuit I'm planning to build. It's a robot with 6 standard servomechanisms and 4 microservos. I'm set on using a single power source and three step-down converters to feed most of the servos + Arduino Uno + PWM driver with 5V but also supply 6V to two servos to...
  12. S

    How to determine component values and switch dead-times in a fly-back passive snubber circuit

    I have been studying the use of snubber circuits within flyback converters and other hard-switched converters, and doing some simulations to see the results. I have came across one type of snubber called a passive snubber circuit, which uses no resistor and instead some additional passive...
  13. G

    Does buck converter without adjustable ampere can be modified?

    Hi guys... I have a buck converter 12a with only 1 trimpod for adjust the voltage. Can it be modified to adjust an ampere???? Or how to control the ampere ???
  14. S

    Average current mode control on secondary side of a transformer?

    I have been looking through the famous app note on Average Current Mode Control by L. Dixon,https://e2echina.ti.com/cfs-file/__key/telligent-evolution-components-attachments/13-112-00-00-00-00-44-35/Average-Current-Mode-Control-of-Switching-Power-Supplies.pdf. He gives many examples on how to...
  15. calmd

    LCL Filter Plant Control

    Hi everyone! I don't know if this is the place to ask Control Theory related questions, but it's for modelling a power electronics circuit so I thought I could at least try. I have to design a grid connected inverter in Simulink using the PLECS toolbox and I ran into some problems when designing...
  16. AlexVR

    Logism Circuit Design Help. HEX Display

    I need to design a circuit to calculate the product of two 4-bit binary numbers, and then display the decimal result in three HEX displays.I already have the multiplication part, but the hex baffles me since : 1-The inputs are two 4-bit binary numbers. 2-The system can display each input...