1. N

    How to manage/control different calibration values for different truck models at end of line manufacturing?

    We have hydraulic steering system with small motor atop it. This system will be mounted in about Five truck models. All truck models will have same steering software but different values for calibration parameters. Supplier will deliver steering ECUs to OEM manufacturing with steering software...
  2. M

    Looking for Manual Addendum for XDC 80-150 Power Supply

    Hello, We need to calibrate a 12000W Xantrex Power Supply XDC 80-150, but the manual we have doesn't have the addendum which details this procedure. Am looking for folks who might have access to it or point us in the right direction. Best, MML
  3. spacejedigundam

    Did someone know how to make this SAR ADC 5 to 4 digital error correction circuit

    DEC1 is similar to half adder , b<K> is number of the SAR output code ,DEC2 is like binary caculator keep carry , but how to do this circuit ?
  4. N

    When and why does embedded Electronic Control Unit(ECU) use default calibration values?

    Typical embedded ECU stores real calibration values and default calibration values in Non-Volatile Memory(NVM). Let's say ECU is Steering Controller and it's primary function is Lane Keep Assist(LKA). It is mounted in a commercial truck. It programs camera's real and default calibration values...
  5. T

    Differential Pressure Sensor zero error constantly moving

    Hi All, not sure if this should be in the test or the sensor section, apologies if I have mistakenly placed it here. I am currently trying to calibrate this Pressure Sensor (...
  6. C

    I bought an HP 54110D Oscilloscope and I need help before I smoke it.

    Hello, everyone I am new to this field, and I am trying to learn the ropes. I recently bought an O'scope an HP 54110D 2 channel, and I need to buy probes for it and I am trying to figure out how I should go about it: Questions: 1. The input Pods have specs that are confusing to me. One of...
  7. U

    Phase Drifts Detector

    Hello, everyone! I have a problem with approaching a university project, which aim is to detect the phase drifts (difference, deviation) between a mains supply voltage and either an internal reference and externally input reference signal. The system should be micro-controller based (MSP430)...