1. E

    is python supports for function array

    I want to use function array just like we use it in c/c++ in python. i have used it in c/c++ but I am new to python. I searched but I didn't find anything like that. I mean if I pass index to the array as a 0 then function saved at 0 should get executed and if I pass 1 then function at 1 will...
  2. J

    Returning required subString from a given string

    Hi guys ! In brief, I want to build a function in c++ that it's input is a given string with size 300, and the second input is the specified substring. this function is finds if there's my inversion of a given substring (second input) is found in a given string (first input) and if it's found...
  3. jcordeiro

    Unsigned Char using RFID MFRC522

    I am brand new to Arduino programming and am having a difficult time getting my code to compile. The goal is to create a puzzle with four readers and to compare the UID codes and readers against a known key. In other words, put the tags in the correct order and the puzzle will unlock. I have...