buck boost converter

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    Low cost discreet buck boost converter design.

    Hi, My requirement is that I have an input of 10VC to 32VDC and I have to design a power supply that can convert the said input to 12VDC with a capability of sustaining load of 310mA minimum. As i am looking for a cost effective solution it will require me to design a discreet buck boost...
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    Not able to operate buck-boost converter.

    Greetings, I am facing issue with TPS61240 as a buck-boost converter. I am using TP4056 to charge the battery and DW01 (and FS8205) to protect the battery by referring this blog. Also, note that I want to operate the other module; due to this I am using this below shown circuit to high/low...
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    Not able to get high current from buck boost (sepic) converter made using TL494

    I am trying to build a buckboost converter for converting 5-40v input to 5-35V output at 3A max to use it for many purposes by usign TL494. I am using a SEPIC topology as i want a non inverting output. I simulated the circuit in proteus. The circuit works fine when i connected a 500 Ohm load, I...
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    Buck Boost Converter with MOSFET

    Hello all, Disclosure, I am an electrical engineer but I deal with designing power system for construction projects. I decided to go back for Masters in Power Electronics. I'm rusty with DC circuits. My homework is the same as a previous thread...