1. A

    Need Help for fixing/improving boost converter design

    I'm pretty newbie. i designed a boost converter as hobby and need some help about that. not sure if it will work. how can i fix or improve the circuit. i aimed 5 Vin and 15V 10A max out and use 555 for generate pwm signal for mosfets. But i know 555 can generate max %50 duty cycle and it means i...
  2. lbranco93

    Boost converter design issue

    For a circuit I'm designing, I want to use an MC34063AL-D08-T DC/DC converter (or a similar one; I just need a through-hole package) as a boost converter to boost a voltage \( V_{in} = 3.3-4.2 V \) (coming from a Li-ion battery) to a stable output of \( V_{out} = 5 V \), with \( I_{out} = 250 mA...
  3. E

    Recommendation for boostrap circuit

    Hi guys, I am new in here. I designed a boostrap circuit with ir2112 ıc, but I want to rise up frenquency from 500k to 1mhz . I wonder how do I make such a circuit ? My circuit is bottom.
  4. A

    Converting from 30v-40v to a higher voltage to decrease power loss in the cable...

    Powering a load situated more than 200 meters from the power source will result in huge power loss due to the wires resistance.... The load need 1.5A and the power source can deliver up to 3A max. Designing a boost converter at the output of the source before connecting it to the wire to step up...
  5. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 Dimming fuction

    HI all, I want to understand the proper way to make a dimming function for the XL6005. I found some schemes that suggest using the EN Pin: And some that use the FB Pin: So which one should do the work and what PWM signal should I use?
  6. zeeshandhillon

    Designing power bank circuit with BQ24195.

    I want to design a power bank control board for a single-cell lipo battery. The IC I have selected is BQ24195 by texas instruments. I think it is perfect for what I need. It comes with charge control, boost, voltage protection, I2C control, and many other features. But I have some doubts about...