1. K

    Where to break the loop for stability testing.

    Specifically, I am curious why the control loop must be broken such that one side of the break is high impedance while the other side is low impedance and if this applies to more than just power electronics. I've read several app notes including TIs AN-1889 (Step 1: Setting up the Circuit...
  2. mehmet.kl

    LT8316 Flyback Bode Plot

    Hi everyone I am tryig to obtain the gain and frequency plots of a flyback converter controlled with LT8316. LTspice does not provide any frequency response feature but I use middlebrook's method to obtain frequency response. However, result is too weird :( I simply insert a small ac signal...
  3. kwoki

    Bodeplot of simulation and network analyzer difference in magnitude with same characteristics

    Hello, I have a problem which I can't find the solution. It's related with the determination of the bodeplot of a circuit. According to my bodeplot in the simulation, the flat part of the magnitude plot is -23.02 dB (Simulation.PNG) and the cut-off frequency is equal to 17.67 MHz whereas the...