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    the first BJT amplifier audio

    Hello, I can't seem to find the first all BJT audio amplifier. When and who invented it?
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    NAND gate TTL - How it works

    Hello, I am studying digital electronics and I am a bit confused about the saturation conditions of the bjt. I knew that the bjt saturates when the Vce is close to 0 and Vbe >= 0.7. However, when I was reading about TTL I got confused. Can someone give me some intuition and explain me why in the...
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    What is Cmeu in an npn BJT operating in saturation mode ?

    I know Cmeu is parasitic capacitance in active mode. It's the B-C junction capacitance. But does it change when the npn is operating in saturation mode? Also in general(not just in saturation mode) what happens to Cmeu at increasing Vce? Does it increase? What other things happen to the...