battery management system

  1. Bhanu2626

    Does the MOSFET in the Schematic will work fine?

    I using the MOSFET IRFB3004PBF switching. 56.2V is a source voltage coming from the charger and 48 is the nominal voltage of the batter. switch S1 is for switching Vgs. Vgs=5 v. Rgs=10k ohms (connected to the gate terminal and battery ground). battery is 13s3p Nominal=48v Peak=54.6v Will MOSFET...
  2. Dinesh6252

    Can i use a 13s bms for a 7s project? And how?

    I have a 13s bms laying around and I want to use it as a 7s bms, is there a way to do that?any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
  3. I

    Head Light Bulb Kit and Li-Ion Battery Pack

    Hello, I have lithium-ion battery pack that consists of 21 cells( 3 parallel,7 series,one of them 4,2V 3.4Ah). I use this battery pack with BQ7791504PW from Texas Instruments for battery protection.This IC achieves pack protection via CHG and DSG low-side NMOS FET drivers. I use this battery...
  4. guiguideb

    Off the shelf LiPo battery with protection circuits solution

    Hello, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. I'm working on a crowdfunding project that includes a small 5V motor (drawing 2A max) that needs to be powered by a rechargeable batterie via USB. Now I'm more into mechanic and such thing must be designed by an well trained...
  5. B

    Solar emergency light/fan circuit help needed

    Hello great team! I'd immensely appreciate the help of brilliant minds out here. I've Solar rechargeable emergency unit that can power 2 lights and a small table fan. The unit stopped working with a blown resistor on the circuit. I did try replacing the resistor with an identical color coded...
  6. O

    Need help with setting up LiFePO4 battery parameters in a Solar Charge Controller.

    Hi, I am trying to set up the parameters for a LiFePO4 battery bank for a solar charge controller. I have tried to search the internet for understanding the basics of LiFePO4 battery but couldn't find any source from where I can understand the logics to calculate the parameters. So please pardon...