1. T

    Building a charging circuit for a 2 cell Li-ion battery

    Hi, I am in the process of designing a battery to use with a pair of FPV goggles for drone racing, the goggles require a 2 cell battery, but I don't have a 2 cell battery charger. I do have a bunch of TP4056 charging boards, and I was looking to design an all in one unit that would hold 2...
  2. Voniac

    Need to buy or build a switch flipper

    I have a cable that is controlled by 3 miniature circuit breakers (it's separate into three parts). Now, I have a remote controlled relay that can't handle the high current (it's a three phase cable and I don't know exactly how high it is). Basically, I want to turn it off and on remotely but...
  3. G

    Automatic transfer switch dc

    hi guys, i try to make an automatic transfer switch dc for router 9VDC / 0.6A here. I want to switch automatically the power source from router adaptor to battery(power bank) that i set for power backup. and changing back when the router adaptor get an electricity again. i can't find the most...
  4. N

    TOP209P power integration IC

    Hello everyone Please can someone tell me if this IC ( TOP209P ) is the same AS this one ( TYNY275PN) Is it doing the same functions? Can I replace the TOP209P with TYNY275PN ? THANK YOU SO MUCH
  5. G

    Automatic Switch Saklar from adaptor dc to battery

    First of all, I'm a noob but i want to learn electronics with all of you guys. I want to make a project to make an automatic switch from dc adaptor (that converting from ac supply to dc) to battery for turning on dc LED light. The LED light must keep turning on. In a condition: 1. When the...