1. ALjubovic

    Ladder Logic for variable Analog Output

    Hello. I am an intern engineering student, and I was assigned a fun project of making an automated hydrostatic pressure testing system. Right now a operator manually turns a pressure regulator which feeds an air-driven liquid pump, this pump then pushes out water on the other side and into our...
  2. Cyberhorse30

    Automate lift Table

    Hey all, I have a 3 phase advance lift table that I am using (manually) to load plywood onto a CNC router. It is a hand remote with 2 switches. Up and down and a disconnect...(see attached diagram). What I am trying to figure out is, I would like to build a control box with a Hand Off Auto...
  3. T

    Soundboard and Servos (Jurassic Park Model)

    Hello! I recently built a scale model of the Jurassic Park Entrance gates but when I was getting ready to finally be done with it I had the thought I could add a servo or two in order to make the doors automatic. In researching this I decided, well, why don't I add a soundboard and some mini...