arduino uno

  1. C

    VCNT2020 IR sensor - Digital output. Serial monitor shows ''0'' only

    Hi everyone, There are boards with IR sensors on the market that looks like this: the IR.PNG picture I have all the components to build one myself with the Arduino Uno, VCNT2020 sensor and LM393. The schematic is the example.jpg picture (it's the schematic of the sensors on the market) The...
  2. N

    how to join two different codes (ARDUINO)

    I’m dabbling in Arduino and having trouble running two sketches on my Arduino UNO simultaneously. The first is about a program that reads temperature and relative humidity and the second is a program that reads barometric pressure. Both programs work independently, but when I try to combine the...
  3. D

    Problem: Syncing two Arduinos Master/Slave

    This is the problem I am trying to solve: I have two Arduinos , side by side running the same sketch for led panels which are also side by side. It is an art work hanging on a wall. Each Arduino is running two 16X16 panels . The Arduinos need to work in sync to keep the pattern changes...
  4. I

    Using load cell to move servo

    I have a marble sorting project in which I want to use a load cell to move my servo motor a certain degree. I have calibrated the load cell so it measures my weights accurately, but I need to incorporate code that uses this measurement to move the servo. I'm using the Arduino app with an HX711...
  5. M

    Arduino power supply with Software Serial trouble

    Hi everyone,I have been working this lasts month on a little Arduino project about making a remote control car. I'm using 2 Arduino Uno boards, one for the car and the other for the remote controller. I'm also using the module ESP8266 12-f for sending and receiving orders (I use the AT...
  6. Spankyty

    Sparkfun Servo Trigger - Programming ATtiny84a from Arduino as ISP with Atmel Studios 7

    I cannot seem to program the ATtiny84a with Atmel Studios 7 with an Arduino Uno as the programmer. I got Atmel Studios 7. I opened the Sparkfun Servo Trigger solution. It asked me to upgrade or something so I said yes. I do not have a programmer but I do have an Arduino Uno with an ATMEGA328P...