arduino ide

  1. stcline

    Looking for an alternative to the Arduino Web Editor for classes

    I teach high school robotics and our introductory course uses Arduinos as the microcontroller. While I do like the Arduino Web Editor as they have fixed some of the bugs over the last couple of years there is one problem to the free version. There is a daily limit on compiler time and...
  2. M


    Hello everyone; I want to start a small project for the purpose of ensuring communication between an arduino card and the ECU of my car through the CAN bus. - My care model is : RENAULT SYMBOL - Micro-controller : ATMEGA328P-PU (ARDUINO UNO). - MCP2515 Card...
  3. onurdnz95

    LoRa communication with arduino

    I want to set up a communication system with lora module using arduino. The lora module is said to have a high range (<15km), but when I go about 50-100 meters away, my connection drops. Also, when I integrate a sensor into this system, I can't get an output from my sensor. When I try the same...
  4. S

    Can someone help me please!!!? IRFZ44n MOSFET heats up driving TEC Peltier

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me Im making a mini fridge controller (PID), using a 4n25 optocoupler, an IRFZ44n Mosfet and a tec peltier I connect it to a 12v and 3 A and arduino 5v As soon as the arduino code is uploaded and I connect it, the mosfet starts to...
  5. M

    ESP32 Modbus RTU to Redlion HMI

    Hopefully, I can convey the issue in a clear concise manner. I designed a micro PLC with an ESP32 DEVKIT V1 at heart just for personal projects and to learn as I've always been fascinated with electronics. It has (8) digital inputs, (6) digital outputs, RS-485 connection, LCD connection, I2C...