arc lighter

  1. I

    Reverse engineering electric arc lighter

    Hi, I purchased a couple of the ubiquitous "electric arc lighter" devices off of Amazon because I was curious how the designers were able to pack a 3.7v to many kV step-up circuit in a package the size of a ballpoint pen. I tested out the device and indeed it is able to make a ~4 mm sustained...
  2. Dabu WhiteHacker

    arc lighter circuit working

    Hi, few days ago I got a broken arc lighter used to ignite gas stove. I thought of taking it a apart and look inside the circuit but as per to my knowledge it is confusing me a lot, I hope you guys will be able to remove my confusion so here is the detail. Data It uses 1.5V AA cell to work. This...
  3. R

    Designing a plasma arc circuit but need some help

    Hey guys new to the forum here and had a couple questions on creating a plasma arc that works well enough to light things. Now I'm fairly new to electrical lighters using plasma but have about 2 years of electronic and computer experience. Ok so my main question is I have a couple transformers...