analog switches

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    Analog Switch Audio Switching Circuit.

    Hi All, Can anyone assist with helping me design a circuit to switch between 2 audio signals using a DG419? I’ve never designed a circuit before and am only attempting now as there isn’t any pre-made electric boards breaking out this chip into an easy to use plug and play form. The power...
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    MAX394 IC, use as a switch, query

    I am trying to use an IC called MAX394CPP+, which is a 'Low-Voltage, Quad, SPDT, CMOS Analog Switch'. Attached please find the pin configuration of the IC. The main objective is to use it as a switch. For testing purposes, I attached a red LED and a 1k ohm resistor both on pins 2 and 4. The...
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    Unknown Subcircuit after creating a custom model

    I'm trying to model a simple mechanical switch that closes at a set time, remains closed for a set duration, and opens again. I am doing this with a behavioral resistor, but I want it to be clear from the schematic that what I mean is a switch, so I created a new symbol. When I attempt to use...
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    Problems with impedance sensor measurement setup

    Dear community, I'm currently working on a setup for testing the accuracy of an impedance sensor. The sensor should be able to measure impedances in the range of 5kOhm-1MOhm. My testing setup consists of resistors and analog switches which are able to change the impedance between the two...