1. Lukas M Brenner

    AGC with H11F1M Photo FET and OpAmp

    Based off the example on the H11F1M Photo FET Datasheet , I'm creating Automatic Gain Control with the PhotoFET and TL072 Opamp. This AGC circuit works successfully by itself, but when I try to have two AGC circuits in series, they effect one another and don't reach their full gain potential...
  2. M

    Automatic Gain Control AGC

    I have to implement a circuit which is supposed to amplify an input amplitude to constant amplitude 8Vpp output even if the input amplitude is varied (0.5-5V). The input have a 6V offset and the supply voltage is 12V. I do the simulation with the program LT-Spice. I need to build an AGC for a...
  3. UrielML96

    AGC with FET

    hello, I have to build an automatic gain control using an FET and an Operational Amplifier, for a phototransistor (SFH314) so that when the signal of an IR LED is weak the AGC maintains the signal, and when the signal is strong reduces it, the gate of the FET I have to control it with the...