1. D

    Flow meter using accelerometer sensor?

    Hi All Is it possible to use an accelerometer to detect water flow in a pipe? I do not need to have accurate flow rates(LPM) unless is easily achieved, but just need to be able to detect that something is flowing. If I am correct this is possible from the vibrations?
  2. J

    Accelerometer signal conditioning (ADC reading)

    Hello, I found a 3-axial accelerometer with +/-500g that has a +/-1.25V range. The bias voltage (0g) is at half of the reference given (It does not give negative voltage). If I'm supplying it with 3.3V, the bias voltage will be at 1.65V, so the range will be nominally 0.4V to 2.9V. I am to...
  3. I

    Accelerometers in time-interleaving mode: problems and solutions

    Hello! I have multiple LIS2DS12 accelerometers; according datasheet, it is possible to get data rate high as 3200 and even 6400 Hz. In both cases there are built-in filter with 1420 or 2840 Hz cutt-off frequency. As this accelerometer have internal multiplexer, I can expect a sampling frequency...
  4. akshay_acharya

    Accessing the accelaration data in BNO055 IMU sensor and calculate distance traveled

    hello @Mark Hughes , I read your BNo055 article. I am currently working with it. It is a part of a MOAB board and Im supposed to use it to calculate the distance moved by the bot on which the board is mounted in real time. I have the file whihc tells me that there are linear accel...
  5. H

    tennis racket/ball speed/impact detection using the MPU-6050

    I have a mini project I'm trying to accomplish using an arduino nano and an mpu-6050. What my code does is basically trying to find the speed of the racket on impact and perhaps the impact force on the ball. What I have at the moment is that it it detects the interval of the tennis stroke and...