1. Geemoney123

    LED Ribbon-Spec VS Reality

    I have a general question, but it refers to a specialty brand. Im looking to redo an LED "Wall" which is just a bunch of rolls of ribbon on some thin plywood painted white, that's about 18" back from some large pieces of milk plex to create a "wall of light". I plan on redoing it with this...
  2. D

    HELP! RFI causing analogue instrument deflection

    Help! I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the root cause of this inference. any Avionics techs in this forum? This system is 24vdc Aircraft radio The Situation I currently have two resistive based instruments that deflect when radio is keyed. I have determined RFI is coming from...
  3. khiljinaz

    SMPS circuit diagram for 20 amp 24VDC

    I need an SMPS circuit diagram to drive a DC motor of 24VDC 20Amp with an input voltage of 100 -240 volts. Consideration be given to commonly available Transistors/ MOSFET and switching controllers.
  4. Coreysmith

    Correct wire gauge for 24V 12.5A

    Hi, this is my first post so, please advise if something is wrong. I have 4 x 300W power supplies to wire up to 4 dev boards to drive some speakers. my plan is to run from one plug to function box then out to the 4 power supplies. They are 24V 12.5A output. Each power supply goes to one dev...
  5. S

    Generator and variable input set output

    Okay, so I am doing a stupid project. Lets say I have a small motor that I am going to be using as a generator. It can output up to 350w at 24vdc. I need something that can take ANY INPUT voltage dc and output it to 14.2v dc to charge a lead acid battery. I bought 2 boost converters off of ebay...