The blogs section has deteriorated to the point I do not feel they are useable, therefor I will be using the forum for my blogs. The narrow text spaces, very limited character counts in my blog posts have lead to this decision.

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  1. This section will encompase basic circuits people might use. If a schematic is found to be flawed, it will be repaired or removed.
  2. LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers

    by Bill Marsden, courtesy of

    I'm moving this article to blog format to allow me greater flexability in editing. Please, do not comment in the blog, if you do I will delete it. If you want to leave a comment do it here. If you want to copy this for any use feel free, but please leave my name and the forum attached.

    One of the most common requests at All About Circuits is various methods of flashing LEDs. I'll try to show most of the techniques used for this purpose that have been covered on this site, explaining how and why along the way.


    2....Current Limiting
    3....The LED / Resistor Only Bargraph
    4....The 555 Integrated Circuit
    5....The 555 and PWM
    6....Low Power Applications
    7....The Joule Thief
    8....From Four, Twenty
    9....Light Chasers
    10.l.Transistor Drivers
    11.l.Making Patterns
    12...Special Effects
    ........Throbbing LEDs
    ........Fading LEDs
    ........Flickering LEDs (Fire!)
    ........RGB LEDs (Millions of Colors)

    <Continued in next post>
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  3. I've been making several entries for Volume 6 of the AAC eBook, Experiments. This is an index to the posts.

    The 555 Projects - Forum tracking thread for this project.

    Introduction to the 555
    555 Schmitt Trigger
    555 Monostable
    555 Bistable Multivibrator
    555 Hysteretic Oscillator
    555 PWM Oscillator
    CMOS 555 Long Duration Minimum Parts LED Flasher
    CMOS 555 Long Duration Red LED Flasher
    CMOS 555 Long Duration Blue LED Flasher
    CMOS 555 Long Duration LED Flyback Flasher
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  4. I'm going to use this space to link to projects I am currently working on, or have shelved with the intention of getting back to them (there are several in that catagory). I tend to jump around a bit, but you notice I'm trying to organize my blogs as a unit, a minibook if you will.

    If you wish to respond to a project then do so in the thread where the project is stashed, in the link provided. Thanks.
  5. When I first wrote this I had been on this forum for about a month, and had made myself known. I've been drawing like crazy for the forums, submitted a new section for the eBook (ElectroStatic Discharge), and made a fair pest myself everywhere around here. It seems I made a big enough pest that they offered me a job around September of 2011 as a moderator.

    The picture below was a joke for my mom, I wanted to show her my latest martial arts acquisition. She took it pretty much as expected, didn't find any humor in it at all. Guys fighting for their black belt test don't hold back. The picture is a bit dated, I have lost over a 100 pounds since then, and gone through a lot of personal changes. I was a blue belt in a Southern Kung Fu style, had dropped out for lack of time for a couple of years after 14 years of study, and was trying to relearn it. Unfortunately I had to quit because I felt unwelcome.


    I was a practicing Free Mason and while I am still a member in good standing I don't consider myself a Free Mason any longer. I have been a lead tech for Collins Radio in Richardson, TX, which is now gone. It was originally part of Rockwell International, and then sold to Alcatel in 1990, and shut down in 2001. I was a gold wire bonder for Raytheon, I operated the machines I used to repair and maintain. Government budget cuts eliminated that job, so I'm looking around for a new one.

    I was a transgendered person. I explain about it in this post. I have finished the transition and am physically and mentally a woman.

    Me 1.PNG

    My BBS was a dinosaur, I shut it down when an ice storm and power hits took out the old computer.

    I am a fair technical artist (read that as I can't draw people for squat). I've come up with a tool to draw schematics using MS Paint. I use Paint for the simple reason is that it is on most computers out there, even some that aren't M/S operating systems. Since some of the computers I use are very restricted on installing software this works for me.

    I am offering the package as public domain, if you can use it feel free, make changes. It is a work in progress for me, I'll keep adding changes for devices/gates as I draw them. As I come up with new stuff I'll update it here and put a date time stamp on the upload, American style (MM/DD/YYYY TIME). All I really ask is don't claim the idea as your own.

    I'll also post projects as I complete them on my blogs as well as in the forums.

    See ya around.

    PaintCAD Upload: 11/13/2015 49:51PM
    Reason: General Update and Corrections