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  • chamal1982
    IoFloodBeacon is a flood water disaster warning system. The system will have multiple sensors such as ultrasonic water level sensor, temperature, humidity sensors, rain detector and rain gauge, atmospheric pressure sensor and light intensity sensor, wind speed and wind direction sensor. All the sensors will collect the environment and weather related data and pass those to control center using the Digi XBee3™ Cellular LTE-M embedded modem. The system will be battery powered and the battery will be charging through a solar panel. So the device can be place any remote location water reservoirs (river, tank, lake, etc.). I will create an android mobile, web interface and rest API then retrieve data from the control center then convey the information such that whether river or lake about to overflow or not to public and save their lives from the disaster. Furthermore I will develop this system to predict the disaster before it happened then I can save more people and properties from the flood water. This system will be served other disaster situation too such as land sliding.

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