why I am contributing here...?

Well simply put, developement is not always easy, sometimes I am stuck with software, sometimes I had enough of soldering wires, and it happens that I have to search for a component.

Currently I am working at a small 1.8" TFT LCD circuit, I use PIC 18f24j10, not that it would be particulary good for this purpose, I simply have some around, and never used them.

The memory is 16K only, and that is not enough even for a single full image.

Tonight I spend some hours searching for 32K EEPROM, which I had on the board previously, then removed again, but reconsidered to have it on board. I found it, finally!

And I changed the font data so I can built it as .hex file with MPLAB X + MPASM, and then write to EEPROM using my GAL programmer. Too much effort to add this to PIC program memory, and then move manually.

I hope my GAL programmer can use the 24LC256! But I will figure out about this very soon.


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