What the VAWT is going on?

Ok. The turbine for the apartment in my house is coming together.

(Back Story: I am converting the basement in my home to a DC only residence. I will try my hardest to NOT invert DC to AC for any reason. I will try to use pwm'd DC for air-conditioning. And DC lighting, computer, television, and the refrigerator is still in the air)

I have decided on a combination design. I will use a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine design for maximum torque from lower wind speeds. Also being in the city, (Baltimore, MD, USA) I need to keep the top of the turbine less than 20 ft from my rooftop. I will use a golf cart motor for my main power generation, and an additional truck alternator rectified to DC for additional power and breaking at gust speeds.

The alternator stator can be charged to increase output while increasing load. This load will work as a wind-break at higer speeds. I want to use an external power source for the alternator stator power that only activates at higher wind speeds. I will use a smaller HAWT with a 2 foot span to produce the AC for the stator. As the wind increases, the smaller turbine will produce more current, increasing the load on the alternator in turn slowing the VAWT, and producing a little more power to boot.

This design will allow me to have alot of control of the wind unit as well as a nice load of data for tweaking.

The VAWT will be a variable pitched design. Ultimately I would like to use a the smaller turbines voltage output through a A/D comparator to determine the servo rotation for the pitch angle.

All of the items have been re-purposed and have required minimum financial expenditure. The golf cart motor produces a lot of current at a fairly low RPM. The torque will be the determining factor in viable production.

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