What functions should be in the FM Transmitter?

Feedback about the FM-Transmitter.
Everything happens for the first time! For the first time, I ordered goods in online stores and, actually, for the first time I write a review.
I live in the city and in the car, I listen to the radio. But periodically I go to the region for 100 km to the village, there is no radio and I use FM-Transmitter.
In the car from the former owner remained such a device. In use, I discovered flaws: the inability to play songs in a random order and the lack of memory of the last played track.
And this, you must agree, is important! On the way back, I already know exactly what the next song will be playing. And when you turn on the ignition, the first track is played, which is also inconvenient!

Having started looking for a new "trance" in auto shops and markets, I came to the conclusion that in this way it will not be possible to check the presence or absence of important functions - no devices will be opened in the package and opened for me.
Then I learned from friends / acquaintances for a long time if anyone was using the device, and in the end, the employee of the adjacent organization saw the one I had been looking for for so long!
I received the parcel on 2 May and immediately went to check what was received in the car.

In the remote, there was no battery, inserted from the previous manipulator.

The sound quality is the same as it was with the previous device, but slightly worse than on the radio.

For testing, I uploaded several folders to the SD card and a USB stick. The device has passed the test - it reproduces from all the folders in a chaotic order. Even inserted the drives simultaneously, the priority, in this case, was the USB flash drive, the songs played only with it.

I hope he will help you. Thank you very much for your attention. Have a nice day!

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