What device would I use to test the voltage (or is it amps?) of a handheld 'Cattle Prod' to know when the batteries need changing?

Part of my professional job as a Canine trainer involves training some rather 'spirited' animals. I have different cases where these large guard/protection Pets have had a long day and are frustrated, tired and tend to then take it out on the rest of their pack.
Not that I often have to use this device (that I have been trained to use) because I can normally pick behaviour before it starts, or I am right there ready to jump in at the beginning (when instinct has not yet kicked in and they still recognise me for me) but if I'm too late or too many have the chance to get involved, I will 'beep' my handheld 'Cattle Prod' and this is usually enough of a deterrent.

If it does get out of hand though and the 'beep' hasn't worked, I normally have about 5 seconds before there is a complete 'blood bath' and this will almost always stop the fight from continuing.
However, in my 7 year career with mainly large attack Dogs, there have been 3 occasions where it hasn't stopped them (1 involving me being attacked and requiring surgery) has been where the 'beep' wasn't as loud and the 'shock' didn't register, as it was obviously so weak.

So, to check the voltage of the device (that is by Australian Standards between 1000V and 5000V) what would I use to provide me with a reading?

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