Well, a stroke of bad luck...

Well it looks like I won't be working on this project for a little while. I went out this morning to grab my bike from the rack, and found out it was stolen during the night. The robber cut right through the chain locking it to the rack. I have informed the police and am working on getting them photos so that they can file a report, and I'll be out looking myself. The bike was still in terrible condition, and I took out the rear brakes to work on it. With any luck, he'll just ditch it somewhere nearby where I (or the police) can find it again.

I guess it's not a huge loss, because I had removed the rack, motor, and other fittings before chaining it up. On the other hand, everything is sized for this bike and may differ a bit from other bikes.

I will keep you guys posted on the progress. Just be forewarned that it may be a different bike by the time I post again.

Thanks for reading, and I will try to work this out as soon as possible.

Der Strom

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