video series on building logic circuits using transistors

Hi everyone, as you know I like to share this transistor circuit design stuff with people who are interested in this at a basic level. As I am not a professional in this by only a hobbyist, however I like to share what I learn from my design builds.

As a hobbyist only, my designs are only at the basic level, but I get good results in the circuit builds.
My hobby in this field is to build all discreet transistor circuits from scratch, to emulate comercial products at a simple level.

I especially like to reengineer logic circuits, from scratch using all discreets, to build basic computer functions.

In this blog, I am putting together a learning experiance at a hobbyist level only, on designing and building a computer function called a Master-slave flip flop, then later I will combine 4 of these to show how to build a binary counter, then onto logic gating to build binary to decimal converters, then digital LED readouts.

In this first series of videos, I go step by step in designing the data flip flop circuit, (using electronic calculations and a few basic theorems to calculate component values), I also show the failures of attempts, in some parts of the design, as well as showing why the failures took place and how to fix them to finally have a fully functioning circuit.



finally this one is just a video in real time of me putting together the same circuit on my breadboard, as I am building 4 of these so I can make my next set of videos on binary counters with them.

Hope you enjoy...

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