Velleman PMLCD DCV Connections

I picked up a Velleman LCD DCV panel meter today, and the instructions that came with it are abysmal on how to configure it for voltage readings above the 200mV default setting. For example, to configure it for 0-20V, the instructions say:

Disconnect jumper wire in RB
RB = 9.9M Ohm RA = 100K Ohm

To change the decimal point for 20V range:

Short circuit P2-P0

That's it - no circuit diagram or pictures to assist. I found RA and RB on the board, but it looks like they have SMT resistors already in place and there is no jumper wire on RB. Also, P1 - P3 are labeled on the board, but not P0. However, after metering the SMT's it turns out RA is 10M and RB is in fact a jumper.

After a bit of digging, I came across this in the Velleman forum which helped a lot and thought I would share it for anyone looking for the same answers in the future:

Note that the forum post says NOT to remove the resistor in RA, which was suggested in a much older thread here on the LED version of this meter.

Clicking on the first link provided in the post takes you to this Velleman support page

which has a handy photo of the board with the relevant pin locations identified.

The meter did come packaged with a set of resistors valued at 1K, 10K, 100K and 10M for the various RA and RB configurations.

Hope this helps.

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